Urban Design Panel approves development plan for Holborn Properties development in Little Mountain

At a public meeting of the Urban Design Panel on Friday May 20, 2016, the newly revised plans presented by Holborn Properties for the Little Mountain development were unanimously approved.  According to the City of Vancouver, new additions to the site plan include

  • relocation of a portion of the social housing units from Main St to the interior of the site;
  • revisions to building heights and setbacks to improve sunlight access and shadow performance on public space;
  • an enlarged community plaza on the east and west sides;
  • additional east/west pedestrian connections through the site;
  • the retention of additional trees;
  • the addition of a separated, dual-direction cycle path on the west side of the Central Street;
  • additional technical information on units counts and parking and loading;
  • revised sections regarding sustainability measures; and
  • a revised daycare floor plan.

Construction is scheduled to proceed in five phases with an estimated date of completion of 2024. Please see the Holborn Properties – Little Mountain Rezoning Application website for the latest plans.

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