Stone Soup

Soup Jack’s Way – Stone Soup “Formula”
Jack feeds us soup on a regular basis. He makes marvellous soup to share for the “Soup Socials” and “Stone Soup Socials” – and then he is usually gracious enough to host us at his place too!

Here’s how he approaches putting together a stone soup:

Flavour Enhancers
Saute with very little oil (~1-3 tsp to coat the veggies) Chopped onions
Minced garlic
Pepper any colour
Add water and continue cooking for 5 mins,

Add some combination of herbs & spices:
Minced ginger (occasionally)
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Chilli powder
Curry powder

Add your broth base:

Any combination of:
Chicken soup base (if you use chicken broth the soup is not vegetarian)
Better than bullion organic vegetable base

Add your ingredients and make soup!
Some guides:
Cabbage loves beets and apple
Sweet potato, squash, pumpkin loves ginger for making cream soups
Otherwise just add whatever you want, for example:
Wheat berries precooked
Brown rice precooked
Beans precooked
Lentils precooked or not
Frozen corn
Frozen peas
(These add bulk and calories)

To cream or not to cream?
Choices to consider:
Cream just the green veggies or
Just the red orange veggies ( these love ginger)
Just put it all through a blender
I never add cream (bad calories) I substitute potato or sweet potato as thickener.
I never strain (I don’t want to exclude the fibre)
Cheap healthy additions:
Sweet potato
The rest: whatever is seasonal

I never add asparagus to mixed soups; it prefers to be by itself.

Jack lets us know the general direction of the soup – bring greens, bring ???? – and he oversees the rest.

(c) 2015 Little Mountain Cohousing for Jack B.

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