Vision and Values


LMC Vision Statement

Our intentional community strives to cultivate a balance between meaningful connections and personal growth in an environment of compassion and trust.

LMC Values

Our community is …

… Inclusive

We are an inclusive, multi-generational community that respects diversity and embraces everyone’s contributions, abilities, and gifts.

… Collaborative

We believe that by collaborating and sharing resources we foster a community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

… Open-minded

We are open to new ideas, change, and lifelong learning.  

… Connected

We value strong relationships based on respect, compassion, and flexibility. Time spent socializing, sharing meals, and working together brings us closer and makes our community stronger.

… Engaged

We engage with each other and the greater community to effect positive change in the world. We do this through environmental stewardship, community outreach, and responsible civic participation.



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